Simon BaierWhat can an eBusiness consultant do for your business???

Strategic Digital Business

The saying goes “you only have one chance at a first impression”, and a company’s web site is increasingly responsible for making that critical first impression. An effective use of online media requires a keen understanding of your audience, and a clear message directing their thoughts and actions. Once you create an effective message, you must communicate that message within a system that effectively presents, promotes, and evolves.

I can help you:

  • Create or advise on effective online communications
  • Oversee professional and polished user-centric design
  • Implement and integrate third-party technology solutions
  • Specify requirements, and manage outsourcing of custom software programming
  • Ensure best practices in security, performance, accessibility, and SEO
  • Improve decision-making on the appropriate use of technology and external service providers
  • Online revenue enhancement through ecommerce, advertising, subscription, and data aggregation

Performance Marketing

In an increasingly competitive marketplace there’s more pressure than ever to quantify marketing results. A newly developing management approach called ROI marketing is emerging to help businesses maximixe return on marketing investment. ROI marketing helps business people better understand how and where to spend marketing budgets to achieve optimum returns.

I can help you:

  • Define, track and analyze key marketing performance metrics, both off and on line
  • Deploy automated sales and marketing systems to manage rapid growth, and to keep customers happy
  • Increase free web site traffic through organic search enhancement (SEO)
  • Coordinate targeted direct marketing campaigns with online response mechanisms
  • Turn on the traffic fire hose with profitablepaid search campaigns
  • Convert web site browsers into buyers with heuristic evaluation, user experience analysis and optimization and statistical conversion optimization techniques
  • Control the flow of communication with integrated email marketing campaigns, and list acquisition