I bring to my clients a breadth of entrepreneurial experience with twenty years in technology, marketing, finance, and business development. I am the founder of Giddyup Business Development Partners, a firm specializing in ROI marketing and using the internet as a strategic business tool.

Prior to founding Giddyup, I worked with marketing agencies in Chicago and New York as a technical project manager, and software architect. I have worked with hundreds of small and large company projects. During the rise of the commercial Internet in the mid 90s I served as National Sales Manager for Chicago based Internet Service Provider, American Information Systems.

In 2005, when I turned 40, I decided to finish what I had started over 20 earlier. In 2007 I graduated from the School of Business at University of Southern Maine with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration.

Simon’s Personality Profile

Although I aspire to be more decisive and extroverted, I’m happy to be in the company of fellow INTPs Lincoln, Einstein, Pascal, Descartes, Jung, Darwin, and Socrates. (… yes, and the Olsen Twins)

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