NameBench: Ten Minutes to a 30% Boost in Network Speed

OK, so this question is just a little bit geeky for a cocktail party, but I’ll ask anyway: are you sure that you are using the right DNS servers? For a couple of years I thought I was in the know by specifying Google’s public DNS servers, and They are fast and very […]

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website credibility

Establishing Website Credibility

It is easy to take for granted how we subconsciously assess people for credibility every day. Think of your inner monologue when your phone rings and your caller ID identifies an unknown caller. You’re already on the defensive, and you hear something like this: “Good morning Sir, this is Troy from American Financial Partners in […]

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Crazy Sexy Wellness During  2008 and 2009 I worked with author and film maker Kris Carr and her crew to help expand her personal and professional brand to the web, and to support her off-line publicity campaigns.  I was initially contracted to help grow the business and worked with client to formulate a workable […]

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Personality Profiles

As much as we may dislike being categorized, personality type indicators such as Myers-Briggs can be good indicators of how an individual will best fit into a team. The theory goes that every individual’s personality can be measured on four different scales: Extroverted vs. Introverted : (E … I) Sensing vs. Intuition : (S … […]

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Two minutes of goats … yelling like humans

Funny as hell!

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WordPress Error: Nothing found for Wp-admin Post PHP

Recently I was working on a blog post which, for some reason, failed to save. Instead, it generated the following error: Nothing found for Wp-admin Post Php The post was longer than average, so my first thoughts went to a PHP memory issue… but that rabbit hole did not bear fruit. After much searching, I […]

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Google’s Brilliant Pricing Scheme

Have you ever wondered how Google determines pricing for Adwords advertisers? They use a very clever pricing scheme that rewards advertisers financially for providing highly relevant ads for search users. The more relevant the ad (as measured by click-through rate) and the more relevant the landing page (I assume measured by time on site, or […]

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Jing is my newest favorite software utility to fall under the category of “free software that I’d gladly pay for”. As described on the Jing Project web site The concept of Jing is the always-ready program that instantly captures and shares images and video … from your computer to anywhere. It’s one of those products […]

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