My father is Lee Stanley Baier (born Portland OR in 1924, died in North Yarmouth, ME 2012) who is the son of Ludwig Stanley Baier (d. 1980 in Seattle) and Amy Warren (Baier) (b.1/20/1896 Ardoch, ND – d.10/5/1992 Portland, OR).

I would love to work with someone interested in coordinating a comprehensive Baier database.



  1. Lee Ann Wright

    Hello there,
    I hope that we are related in some way. My grandfather was John Peter Baier from Detroit, Michigan. His father’s name was John D. Baier, mother’s name was Barbara Polick. Always said he was German but census said they came from Russia. He had brothers named Walter and Ludwick. Also a sister named Natalie who moved to New Hampshire, do not know her married name. While I was looking I also found Baier Hatch Company out of California and Washington. They were very friendly, also very helpful. They said that a few years ago a grandson called them to talk about Ludwick Baier but forgot to leave his phone number. I think they said Ludwick was from Portland. He invented the hatches which now is a huge company. Said that he was a shipbuilder and inventer. Please contact me so we can compare notes. I was told Ludwick never had children but married a lady named Augusta Gavin who had three children. Ida Gavin-Dorf, Harry Gavin and Edward Gavin. I do not know if these are the same Ludwicks or different ones, or if any of them are related to me. I have heard of him all my life but never met him. Thanks for listening, Lee Ann Wright

  2. robert davies

    My grandmother’s maiden name was Louisa M. Baier, born in Ulm, Germany in 1872. Died in Cambridge, Massachusetts 1954
    Her father was Gebhard Baier, born in Germany 1825. Died in Germany 1905.

    If you can share any possibly relevant material, I would appreciate that.

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