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Google’s Brilliant Pricing Scheme

Have you ever wondered how Google determines pricing for Adwords advertisers? They use a very clever pricing scheme that rewards advertisers financially for providing highly relevant ads for search users. The more relevant the ad (as measured by click-through rate) and the more relevant the landing page (I assume measured by time on site, or […]

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NameBench: Ten Minutes to a 30% Boost in Network Speed

OK, so this question is just a little bit geeky for a cocktail party, but I’ll ask anyway: are you sure that you are using the right DNS servers? For a couple of years I thought I was in the know by specifying Google’s public DNS servers, and They are fast and very […]

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On-Page & Off-Page SEO Techniques

I recently started work for a client who has come to depend on his web site for 100% of new business. Whether it’s the economy, or increased competition, or other macro trends, his business is down about 25% from last year. The web site is simply not generating the leads it once did. I saw […]

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